Thursday, September 21, 2006

Logical Arrangement of Sentences

A. Subject Name : English

B. Lesson Preference : No 3

C. Lesson Title : Logical Arrangement of Sentences

D. Lesson Description :

The lesson introduces correct construction of sentences and how mixture of sentences are built up to form a logically arranged paragraph. This lesson further enhances the learner’s writing skill and allow him/her to master such skill and at the same time makes use of this mastery in both written and oral communication activities.

E. Learning Outcome :

At the end of the lesson , each learner ;

1. constructs good sentences , observing correct subject-verb agreement , capitalization , punctuation and structure.
2. Identifies the topic sentence in a paragraph.
3. analyses the correct order or sequence of the sentences to form a very good paragraph.
4. arranges the set of sentences in correct logical sequence.

F. Review of previous learning / lesson :

1. Recall lessons on Sentences . Please click here.
2. Read details about paragraphs and samples . Click here.

G. Learning Presentation :

a. Learning Object No 1. - Please browse the net for paragraph organization and the topic sentences. Just click here. Read through the lines and make sure to get some insights.

b. Learning Object No. 2. - For further comprehension about paragraphs , make way for yourself to visit another web. Try clicking this. In here , you will be refreshed with the knowledge that you had come across before. Click again for more understanding.

H. Learning Activity :

Activity 1 :Let's check your comprehension by answering the drills. Click this.
Activity 2 : Try to combine groups of sentences to enhance your skill in writing. Try this.
Activity 3 : Why don't you try another venture . Do the next drill please. Click here.

I. Learning Evaluation :click here to test your learning outcome out of the many self-directed activities and games.

J. Assignment :

Browse through these activities on review and exercises during your free time today and submit your output tomorrow. Have this read. and get this done.


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